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Welcome to Trinity Playcentre

At Trinity Playcentre we aim to create a safe and fun environment to share, learn and grow! Our focus is to enrich the lives of our children through exciting play and exploration.

 Here at Trinity Playcentre, we are a caring, nurturing childcare situated in the heart of Dagenham Village, London. We provide a warm, safe and fun creative learning environment for children. We know and understand the importance of early years education, its influence in ignition of inquisitive, exploratory and creative learning. We believe each child is unique and valued member of the family. We work hand in hand with parents and carers to foster their development and independence.


Parental Engagement

Rest assured our priority is your child’s wellbeing and development; and we will work together to ensure your child’s happiness, joy and growth. We provide you with daily feedback, you can reach us anytime by texts or email and we will phone you back, immediately. What you need to know: * You can call us anytime to find out how your child is. * Know your child is safe and well looked after. * We work together to determine your child’s next steps. * We have regular discussions together to ensure a good working partnership with your child being the centre of it.

Our Curriculum

We follow Birth to 5 Matters guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage. It focuses on the uniqueness of individual child, building on a heartfelt, caring relationship in a warm and fun environment. Which allows the individual child to grow and develop at their own pace, as we support their getting ready for Reception Year. The EYFS has 7 areas, 3 Prime which are most fundamental to the child’s independence, communication and wellbeing. Remaining 4 are Specific and are integrally built on the Prime areas.

Our Facilities

The rooms are bright, spacious and well equipped with lots to explore and or investigate. The children have access to indoor garden complete with climbing frames, bikes, a whole lot of physical development resources. As well as an outdoor area which boasts of digging and planting or simply to where you can sit and enjoy a book or two.

Our Services

Day Care Sessions

We offer 1 year olds Nursery places. Trinity operates on a first come, first serve basis.

The Right Place to Play, Learn & Grow for your child.
Loving & Caring Staff!
Spacious Learning Class!
Healthy Eating Policy!
Daily Updates through APP!
Affordable Childcare!
Safe Learning Materials!

Pre School Sessions

We have places for 2, 3 & 4 years olds funded children for 15 & 30 Hours. Should parents have additional needs, it can be discussed to see how we can help.

Settling Children

Our settling in programme begins the moment we conduct the home visit or virtual home visit. It enables us to see your child in their home environment. Your child’s happiness is of great importance.

Why Choose Us

Trinity Playcentre

An African American teacher with a group of elementary school children in a science classroom working on a robotics project. The woman is helping a boy attach wires to a model vehicle while an Asian girl watches.

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What The Parents Say

All three of my kids go to the nursery and absolutely love it. Very nice and loving staff. If I ask my kids who they like the most they just start to name them all.
Yuliya Jones
At trinity playcentre be rest assured that your child will be well taken care of. Friendly staff and welcoming. My son learnt alot and always looked forward to school the next day. Can't thank everyone enough for the support you all are stars and deserve an award.
Joy ugiagbe

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